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1. How does I compare to the FIBER technology to other wired / wireless services?

2. How do I log in to Klick Fiber internet service?

3. How do I change my password?

4. How do I get in touch with your customer support team?

5. What do I do, if I have forgotten my password?

6. How do I check my package I registered for?

7. How are the charges being charged at Klick Fiber?

8. What is my account number?

9. How do I escalate a complaint in your organization?

10. What does plug & play mean?

11. What is Fair Usage Policy?

12. How do I check my FUP usage?

13. Why do I need to log into my account every time I want to use the internet?

14. Why do I need to upgrade my package? Will I receive a confirmation after upgrading?

15. How do I change/upgrade my package? Can I do it in middle of the month?

16. What is Wi-Fi on demand? How is it useful to me?

17. What is the brand of the Wi-Fi router provided and what are its advantages?

18. What is the security level of wireless device provided? Can anyone hack it?

19. What is the advantage of logging into my account every time I want to use the internet?

20. What is the activity time for logout after I login?